Humphrey Bogart and Alan Ladd effect 'Film Noir' pose (0009)

Humphrey Bogart and Alan Ladd effect 'Film Noir' pose (0009)

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Humphrey Bogart and Alan Ladd effect 'Film Noir' pose

That extraordinary film phenomenon, a star whose personality, fame and following are much greater today than they were during his lifetime. Although he held considerable appeal for those three decades from the mid- 1930s, there was never any suggestion that he would be nominated to heart throb stars. Since his death in 1957 and the subsequent club that has grown up around such films like "Casablanca" (1943) and "The Big Sleep" (1946), Bogart has become one of the most potent male symbols ever to grace the screen. He was nominated for an Oscar as the unforgettable Rick in "Casablanca". Through the 1950s, Bogart made a dozen films, unquestionably the greatest being "The African Queen" (1955) with the marvellous Kathrine Hepburn.  


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